Blogging Synthesis

Once I carefully examined my blog posts for this class, I noticed a few themes and changes as the semester progressed. One common theme for my blog posts was how technology can negatively affect our lives. My first blog post wasn’t completely negative, as a few positives were mentioned in the post, but as I wrote more posts they became almost completely negative. I believe this was because the more content I was exposed to in this class, the more I learned about the crazy uses of technology that can be used to create problems and hurt people. A large portion of the negative effects of technology mentioned in my posts were about how people’s interaction and behavior can be changed for the worse when certain technology is implemented. A minor common theme of my posts was that I related the theme to real life, but the way I did so changed from post to post.

In my first post I used a personal example about how “my parents were wary” of exposing me and my brother to video games and a phone at an early age. As I posted more I began to relate more of the post to current real life situations. I think this was because I started out writing about Feed and Black Mirror, which were futuristic fantasy situations, and then later on I transferred to writing about the articles that applied to current events. One in particular was how the 2016 Presidential election was affected because Facebook enabled spreading of misinformation and rebellion against democracy initiated by Russian bots that post false content. This topic of my 5th blog post, “Facebook: A Weapon Not A Tool” was very intriguing to me because of the lack of a solution for a large problem and how many different ways Facebook can be utilized by people looking to take advantage of others.

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